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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Hey Guys!!!!

Yesterday night was amazing fun. I Got fucked by 2 guys and ROHAN yesterday all night till 6.45am. (Last cum which I drank at 6.45am.LOL)

With Rohan's and my permission (as we got high from drinks and sexual arousement).They fucked my PUSSY multiple time, rammed my ASS/ANAL back to to back with their dicks ( I never allowed ANAL to anyone except Rohan till date). And even after this much fucking and ramming I have taken their cum in my mouth and face multiple times. Although I always love to fully drink rohan's cum now. And when we do threesome then if Rohan and other friend end up together in my mouth then I drank other person CUM also, other guys also get that chance (I don't want to look biased naaa, wo bhi bilkul end me)

So Night started with going to club, called other 2 guys directly there from a social platform who were unknown to each other. We got drunk heavily. then we left for drive on the roads, done some naughty shoots on the roads, then make out in my car itself with one of the guy. Then we have taken a BNB and Rohan asked me whether they can fuck my ass and CUM IN MY MOUTH OR FACE in the end. I asked him one thing only. Are the guys worthy enough to enjoy the restricted things which we only do when we have chemistry with someone. At the end rohan told them to Use me as they want like my PUSSY, ASS, MOUTH, any position, any abuse etc. Only one condition (if there is no for something then stop and listen and then engage again).

Rohan placed a setup of DSLR on tripod and for closeup used our phones. He managed to get many 100s pictures and hours of videos.

In the morning my body is feeling a sweet pain in all body parts. I have pain and smile on my face for last night sex encounter (which was kinda like I want to have).

Rohan Loves me a lot, I think sometimes he listen my heart and mind and do the same thing again and again for me. I also love him like anything. He is one of a husband who shown me all ways of sex, then swinging and sexual pleasure without any thinking of other things. And I enjoy my sexual life amazingly. And our love just increases.

Thus I became true Slut wife, Hot Wife, Slut, Slut Bhabhi, Daring Queen etc. These all titles rohan gave me years back even before you all fans given me these titles and regard.

So in morning, Rohan downloaded all data and make first edit on a picture of start of the NIGHT. And I found AN AMAZING VIDEO WHERE I LEFT MESSAGE FOR ALL MY FRIENDS AND FANS which is quite surprising for you guys. I will be uploading pictures and videos as soon as Rohan edits them (he usually gets very less time than before still he try his best to entertain my aashiqs.

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