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Pranya Rohan Delhi – Pranya With Some Foreigner studs

Hi Guys,

So we were in rishinkesh doing a trekk. There we met this austrailian group of 3 guys ( 2 guys and 1 girl). So we trekked together for few hours. We made good friendship with them in this short threkk. Pranya Told them that we are staying in this hotel and we have booze if you guys want to join us and enjoy (As all Aware Rishikesh is a Dry place). They Called us in evening and came to our place. we drank for hours and as usual pranya got Tipsy after some hours and these hot studs. The we had hell of a night. it was one of the most memorable night!!!! W ehave taken some pics before teh fun although they were not agree for naked pics.

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