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Pranya's Boobs in view along with Rohan's Thoughts!!!!!

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Hello To my all dearest friends, hope you all are having good times ! We are Pranya Rohan from Delhi and we are barely active from a while now. Today I finally managed to get some time and share my naughtiest bae pranya’s Hotel Lobby pics/vids with all of you. Now onwards I’ll try to spare enough time for uploading fresh pics and vids consistently. As I have clicked and shooted her a lot of times and created a lot of raw fun pics/vids which I will share with you for sure.

I believe we have never interacted men to men yet. I am Rohan, a stag who loves to post pics/vids of my Wifey’s Pranya with you guys. I am like any of you guys, who always wanted to live his fantasy world with a sexy wife and life partner who actually enjoys sex, share same compassion and do all raunchy stuff to make this life count. To be genuine with you, I love seeing my wife pranya pounded by other guys and then she starts her dirty chats. I love my bae’s sexy ass & Pussy to rubbed inside out by other’s dicks infront of me. I love when my wife opens up for all with all herself ( no limits Pranya ). So consider me like any of you. I understand few of the people doesn’t consider it as a fantasy or fun , so I have a humble request to them please ignore me and my blog and don’t get offended.  Me & My wife do what we like to do for fun & it makes me feel good when I share the experience with you guys. We both enjoy teasing, shooting and sharing our naughtiness by being anonymous friend of yours.

We also appreciate other couples too like any of you. Though We never compare us with them or vice versa, Cause guys these platforms are for fun not for anything else.

But yes, we never make perception for any person without meeting or knowing them, and we expect the same. As few people has tendency to judge people by rumors only.

Quick Advise : Don’t be that guy who can be influenced by perception based on rumors. Meet with us in person as recent movie Sanju has saying of his 3rd Guru “Kuch Toh ……………… you know it”. We love you guys, thanks for seeing my naughty bae, must reblog if you appreciate it gives us more willingness to share more sexy pics/vids frequently  @pranyarohandelhi

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